‘Want to buy a second-hand car?’ - Manning a chat platform!

Pop round and see my second hand car

Another week closer to Christmas and we have had some more sign ups. This was a taxing week as we introduced a variety of new ways to engage visitors to psvhr.com. among the sign-ups include a financial consulting firm and an estate agents.

A new pop up chat manned by myself has let me engage with those who came to our landing page. I think those who visit our site are pleasantly surprised to be engaging in chat with the co-founder of the platform. Although the number of users who think I am actually an automated chatbot is amusing. I did not realise I sounded like a chat bot so I may need to expand my conversational skills. I am also still scratching my head as to how the chap from Lithuania selling his car came onto PSVHR.com. We engaged in conversation about hybrid car engines as part of our policy to respond to every query. Needless to say — he did not sign up but I have got a better knowledge of the second-hand car market in Europe, so if anyone wants to purchase a car in Lithuania I know a man!

From my last post, I explained that in the last two months (or 100 hours) were spent on largely unsuccessful sales calls. Despite the fact, I could have watched all the Bond films (twice don’t forget), we have decided that the calls serve an important purpose and are a valuable exercise we will continue to carry out. The feedback from listening to business owners is priceless and really provides insights we had not considered before. I have learnt more in those calls than any textbook or classroom could ever teach me! It is interesting that for small business many do not feel HR is a business function and should be combined with admin. It is fascinating to learn about the way different businesses operate yet how the same issues plague each business. I do not agree with everyone I speak to but I do understand why they come to their conclusions. There is a real challenge changing the mindset of small businesses.

This week a well-established local high street barber shop engaged me in some of the issues he has with his team. A major headache of his was the high turnover of staff. The cut-throat world (see what I did there) of barber shops means good barbers are hard to find and even harder to keep. The company found it a struggle to develop an effective onboarding procedures. They had no onboarding process which inevitably means that at some point the employee details are not logged correctly or in worse cases logged at all, and there is no real induction into the company so the differentiators and the way that the owner wants the barbershop to be run are not always clear. I hope that I helped him realise that his people would be the greatest asset, and the importance of one vision, brand and way of working even in a small barbershop.

I hope for another great week to kick start the countdown to Xmas!

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