Welcome to our social business experiment. A HR platform our customers use for any price, including

Welcome to POP HR

Whilst visiting a restaurant in London, we came across the wonderful concept of paying what you want for a meal based on how tasty it was. That got us thinking, what a great way of assessing whether you have food and a service worth appreciating. We wondered if the same would work in selling a business product, and whether ruthless executives would just not pay at all or rather given the value of the product business leaders would be fair or even generous.

So we decided to turn cloud based pricing strategies upside down and inside out, and in a dramatic twist we decided to offer products to organisations at a price that they would be happy to pay, including for free!

This business experiment will begin with our stunning, logical and unique HR platform that provides a solution to problems that many SMEs and even larger organisations face. Our tools solves common problems in small business including:

  • Uninspiring or non existent onboarding process

  • Losing track of holidays

  • Lack of a wonderful employee handbook

  • Tracking of how many people employed at any one time

  • Assessing why staff are sick and absent

  • Changing bank details efficiently and on time

  • Knowing really why employees left

  • Having a clear org structure

  • Finding the phone number for Brian in IT

  • Knowing how much you are paying and for who

  • Wanting to be a fantastic employer but forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, probation periods, annual assessment dates and not promoting when you really should

We have developed this tool from the ground up. We encountered these problems, we stuck our head in the sand and pretended they didn’t exist. We peeked out of the parapet to find every solution under the sun, but at a price we didn’t control. This is not the way it should be, and whilst wanting to be the best employer in the country, we were a far way from succeeding!

So we believe we have an online HR platform to transform your company. We will solve all these problems and more. But that is not the best part. You can pay what you feel this is worth. Not worth a penny? Don’t pay a penny. Saving you thousands? Then you can still not pay a penny.

Our goal is to be part of our customers growth and optimisation. We aim for the business experiment to last forever. Let’s see if we can succeed.

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