‘Xmas Party Hangover? -I have given the entire team the whole morning off’

I am just popping out for a drink

Welcome to the third update as the everything turns a few degrees colder but also extremely festive! We had 5 sign-ups and also are busy behind the scenes working on a few updates which will bring more functionality to our platform.

Over the last few weeks, it has become apparent how closely the payroll and HR aspects of small companies are aligned. Whilst HR can be an overlooked aspect of a business, payroll is among the most sensitive and critical. I have regularly spoken to many businesses who believe a HR platform is included in their payroll software.

‘We have a HR platform. It is our payroll software.’

This answer is very interesting for a number of different reasons. Whilst payroll and HR are strongly aligned and closely linked they do perform different functions within a business, no matter how small.

One of the many features of POP HR is an employee self-service portal. This allows team members to log in and change personal details such as address, phone numbers and next of kin information. Removing the need to fill out forms and over-complicating a simple task. We have clearly set permission settings within our platform to ensure employees only see their own information. Typically, a payroll software will not have employee self-service.

Payroll is company sensitive and in some cases a specialist role performed by the accountant or company owner, this is a clearly segregated duty. What POP HR can do to save time on the monthly payroll runs is enable payroll information to be downloaded as a CSV file. This can be edited as necessary and uploaded into any popular payroll and accounting software. Monthly pay slips can be securely uploaded to each team members page so no need to separately email each team member. This will keep the pay slips safe and also introduce a filing system for them!

This week has also seen numerous Christmas parties. Cue all the selfies in embarrassing Christmas jumpers and the company owner nightmare — the over-indulgent Christmas party. One such call with a prospective client was particularly insightful and the opposite to the nightmare. This business was a small team of design consultants who have a fascinating USP of delivering key work each and every Friday. Even if the project duration is much longer they will deliver work every Friday morning. According to the owner, this keeps the team working consistently hard and the standards high. This company owner went on to add

We actually get most of our work done by Thursday evening. I have learnt to give my staff late starts (10 am) on Friday as the work has been completed. They deserve a lie-in.’

I felt this company owner had a great rapport within his team. He was not finished either.

‘Every Thursday we try and head out as a team, bowling, karaoke and playing pool are the most popular choices. Our Xmas party was yesterday. It went on til 4 am! I am nursing a very sore head.’

This is the point I wanted to understand. The fact he made it into work and also wanted to know how many other did the same. Before I could even ask he kept going

‘I have given the entire team the whole morning off. I do the same every year. I worked out that if I forced people to come in, they are pretty useless, want to go home and indulge in idle chat about the night before. I end up losing money due to their ineffectiveness. It was easier and simpler to let all our clients know the office is closed in the morning, emails and calls will be answered before the end of the day and anything urgent can come to me directly. My clients are happy and my team love the Xmas party!’.

It was refreshing to hear a company owner who understood his staff and what also works for his business. Unfortunately for me, as you would guess, such an owner already had a HR platform, as well as many other team benefits. We actually established this early in our chat but I still wanted to hear more. It would be fascinating to hear how many company owners have the same mindset.

My guess is not as many as would like to.

Here is to another great festive week and happy hangovers to all those who came in the next day!

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