Connect to your team. Work better.

When leadership understands the culture and employees feel included, you will succeed.

Employee Engagement

Better engagement means better productivity


POP HR typically sees up to a 15% increase in engagement in their first 100 days

We have designed a snapshot of what this could look like for your company

POP HR will connect with your teams to understand the issues that matter. We understand that your company is unique and create surveys or appraisal processes that will engage your workforce. 

Connect to your company

Like Pop Art, we do not look like every a normal survey. We look like a survey you built, you created and your employees are going to love. Embedded directly into emails POP HR makes completing a survey enjoyable, reducing survey fatigue and ensuring high completion.

Its all in the design

We understand time is critical in any business. We introduce pop-up surveys so you can keep on top of company culture in real time. No more waiting months to tackle poor morale, or spending years to understand the important issues to your employees.

Pop-Up Survey


We have employee engagement plans for all size of companies. From engagement surveys, 360 feedback forms to real time appraisals. No company is too small or too large.


With our cloud based platforms we integrate directly to email forms or we can plug in directly to our HR platform. Put simply, all your employees need is a browser!


With tiered packages, there is a plan to fit all companies. A fully engaged team is worth its weight in gold. Maybe we should take payment in gold!