Let's talk people

We want to create the future with people.


Companies where people thrive. 


Every 1% increase in engagement delivers up to a 0.6% increase in revenue. 


Highly engaged companies average 58% lower churn costs. 


Highly engaged companies have one-third fewer sick days, 30% higher productivity, and

up to 2.5 times better customer satisfaction.


9 out of 10 start-ups fail and most before 18 months.


 Many venture-capital backed companies fail or do not return 1x


We believe strongly that success lies with great people.


Something simple like our HR platform can give you back 2 months of employee time. 


Time you can spend with POP HR to embrace your people and learn with our HR Popup series.

The Pop HR community


We invite talent leaders to write thought leadership articles on how they are disrupting HR within their organisations, or ideas they want to share with the world.


Our networking events are a fantastic forum to speak and engage with a community that wants to listen and learn


Our learning workshops are always engaging and thought-provoking. We encourage discussions within the community to educate one another.