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“The POP HR platform has freed up my time to concentrate on growing the business. ”

“We onboarded the HR platform in minutes and started using the system for leave management immediately!”

Vicki, HR Manager, HW Associates

“My cleaning business has been transformed as I am now on top of my employee's details"

Claudio, MD, Delta Facilities

Maya, Office Manager, BPO Recruit

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Simplified HR Admin

Our HR platform provides a simple and intuitive HR platform. Let's throw away those spreadsheets and focus building great teams. Our dashboard provides core HR information at your fingertips. Simplify and automate time-consuming admin tasks and free yourself up to grow your business and your team.

Social Media Concepts

We are passionate about removing your administrative headaches for you and your team. Our reimagined time management system uses everyday social media concepts to provide a HR platform that is easy to use and implement for start-ups and SMEs.

Employee Self Service

Designed with small businesses in mind. Our HR platform provides employee self service. Get your team involved, provide a professional HR platform that can onboard them before they start and begin to create that amazing company culture.



"It was a great event, probably the best HR event I went to.”

—  Kate P, CEO

POP your HR assumptions

We are teaming up with some of the most innovative and disruptive brands to bring a series of talent popup events to a global audience.


We believe every one of us has an idea, and we want to help take that idea and bring out the entrepreneurial spirit within all of us.


We have gathered together some of the brightest entrepreneurs and the leading drivers in talent and culture to create a unique series of popup events, workshops and articles to inspire and educate.

The Pop HR community

Ready to collaborate?

Partnering with our POP HR community we are producing an exclusive series of HR pop-up learning events and articles focusing on talent and culture. 

The HR pop-up series will provide novel approaches to create and adapt the employee experience. Our HR pop-up series will delve a little deeper into culture, leadership, recruitment, talent management, engagement and internal communication.


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